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My Union Jack Minx were perfect to take back to Aus, especially as the Pommies just won the cricket!......they even stayed put in the surf- loved them. Claire West

Very professional service! I could not wait to show off my toes on holiday and I had lots of lovely comments. Lisa Richards

I absolutely loved my Minx toes and had so many comments about how fabulous they looked-perfect for holidays as you don't have to worry about re applying or chipped nail varnish!! I also had Shellac on my hands and I have to say my nails have never felt so strong! I do abuse my hands quite a bit but the Shellac stayed on, didn't chip and looked good for about 3 weeks!!! Amazing!! I'd definitely recommend Michelle and her treatments to anyone looking for hassle free nails. Thank you! Sarah Prosser

My nails where great, not only did I have lots to choose from the great Michelle got me the ones she did not have in stock, and they last for weeks!! I am looking forward to the summer so I can get them done again, lets see if they can last any longer than 60 days, I'm sure they would have gone on for longer if I had not taken them off! Jo Toby

I have had Minx on my toes with inails several times and cannot express enough how fantastic this product is.. Normally it lasts between 5-6 weeks and only needs removing because of re-growth. Inails offers a very impressive selection of colours and designs.  If you want that “wow” factor minx is what I would recommend. Emma Murphy

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