Minx Nail Treatments
Minx for those perfect Summer hassel free toes or that special occasion be it a Birthday ,wedding or party! Add a bit of celb style to your life and get minxed today!

What is Minx?

The most talked about nail innovation in metallic nail art.  

Worn by every celebrity on the planet. Minx is a long lasting solid coating that comes in foil and sparkly metallic designs. 

It is applied with heat and pressure.  Minx comes in 5 exciting product lines to see these please take a look at the Minx Designs page.

The benefits of Minx Nails are:

  • Minx never chips.
  • Minx applies faster.
  • Minx requires no drying time.
  • There are no chemicals used for the application or removal of Minx. So that makes it environmentally friendly too!

Minx can become part of your out fit and kicks the wow factor up a notch to something truly sensational.

When booking a Minx treatment please arrive with Nail polish free Nails.

Minx Nail Preparation:

Hands/ Feet sanitized
Cuticle work
Nails filed and shaped
Nail bed dehydrated and sanitized


The design of your choice is then applied.
Design cut to free edge.

Minx can be removed at home ask me for more details.


Minx for hands costs £20.00
Minx for feet costs £25.00
have both done for £40.00

Minx takes 30-45 minutes per set each persons hands and toes are unique.

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